Dan Farrell

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Owner / CEO

As the Owner and CEO of Silver Star Protection Group, Dan Farrell assumes a pivotal role in the company’s operations, delivering diverse expertise and adaptability in order to foster its growth and successfully steer its strategic direction.

Dan Farrell is the Owner and CEO of Silver Star Protection Group, assuming the pivotal role in fostering the growth, innovation, and strategic direction of the company’s many operations. Prior to his current role, Farrell has successfully curated a portfolio of work that spans across multiple industries, including financial, banking, and cannabis – most notably as the former President of a multi-state operator for cannabis licenses. There, he led numerous teams in the strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and operational excellence for both medical and recreational cannabis markets.

As a Loras College alumnus, Farrell graduated with a BA in Arts, helping him to form the foundation for his diverse professional path. Since then, Farrell has worked as a tenured Managing Director at a multi-strategy hedge fund, which allowed for him to showcase his passion and adeptness for efforts, including coordinating marketing efforts, business development, and investor relations.
His foundation in the mortgage industry, with roles at Decision One Mortgage (a division of HSBC) and Experian Information Solutions, attests to his ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and engage with top-tier banking relationships.

Farrell also focuses deeply on humanitarian efforts, combining them with his career journey in order to make a positive impact on individuals and communities. He has previously managed a diagnostic home for abused and neglected children at the Maryville Academy, the largest child/adolescent care organization in Illinois, an experience that has helped shape his unwavering dedication to enhancing each and every sector he enters.