Barry O’Connell

alyse kmieciak

Head of Sales and Operations for Secure Transport, LLC

Barry’s dynamic career is marked by his ability to navigate and contribute to transformative changes in various industries. His journey began in the pre-internet music industry, where he witnessed and actively participated in the industry’s shift towards digital formats. This period, spanning over two decades, provided Barry with valuable experience in adapting to change and navigating ambiguity.

During this time, Barry demonstrated entrepreneurial instinct by establishing inventive partnerships that connected both established and emerging artists with global consumer brand clients. These partnerships aimed to achieve diverse business objectives, showcasing Barry’s strategic thinking and ability to foster collaborations.

Continuing his inclination for the “new and the next,” Barry embraced the digital transformation of another global industry. Specifically, he contributed to the launch and spearheaded global business development for the John Crane Sense® digital platform. This innovative technology, introduced to the Oil, Gas, and Energy sector, aimed to provide real-time data-driven reliability insights. The successful commercial launch in December 2021 and subsequent global rollout to ‘Supermajor’ customers underscored Barry’s leadership in pioneering advancements.

In his current role at Secure Transport, Barry is inspired by the challenges of yet another emerging industry, drawing parallels between the early days of digital music and today’s burgeoning cannabis business. He embraces the opportunity to innovate and create efficiencies that have a positive impact on customers, highlighting his commitment to driving positive change in evolving sectors.

Barry’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Mass Media from the University of Illinois Chicago. His diverse experiences, from the music industry to digital platforms and now the cannabis sector, showcase his adaptability, innovative spirit, and ongoing dedication to addressing unique business challenges.