We don't just protect, we empower.


    Silver Star Protection is a recognized leader in the legal cannabis security industry. There is no substitute for experience, which is why leading cannabis industry players trust Silver Star.

    • Armed & Unarmed Retail Security

    • Uniformed & Covert Security Officers

    • Physical Security for Dispensaries & Grow Operations

    • Product & Cash Transportation

    • Asset & Revenue Protection

    • Employee & Staff Protection

    • Risk Analysis & Security Planning

    • Compliance Assessments & Audits

    • Emergency Security Contingency Planning

    • Security & Compliance Consulting

    • Security Application Development


     Armed and unarmed facility guard services for corporations and private businesses.

    • Silver Star is a recognized leader in corporate facility security services.  Our discrete security protocols allow our clients to conduct business without interruption, allowing them to focus on doing what they do best…growing their business.

    • We employ only highly skilled and professional security professionals and provide unmatched training, oversight, communication, and risk mitigation.


    Corporations and the most discerning VIP’s trust our highly trained operatives to ensure their complete safety.

    • Our trained security and personal protection professionals are dedicated to vigilance, personal safety and uncompromising ethics. We provide appropriate security measures, distinguishing between apparent security measures and discrete protective services. 

    • We specialize in personal protection services for the following individuals:

      • Local and National Politicians

      • Foreign Diplomats and Dignitaries 

      • Entertainers

      • Professional Athletes

      • Business Executives


    Security planning, consulting, and guards for festivals, concerts, and weddings.

    Sporting events, concerts, seminars, conferences and private parties gather hundreds and perhaps hundreds of thousands of people together.  When the safety of so many is in your hands, you can trust Silver Star to deliver strategic security planning, consulting and security staffing services.  Our team of experienced security professionals understands the dynamics of public events and ensures a tight security perimeter to keep guests safe and feeling secure.

    Our expert security planning team considers entrances, exits, perimeters, parking areas, vendor spaces and restroom facilities to ensure complete security. Whether you require video surveillance or comprehensive event security, Silver Star has the experience to develop a custom security plan for the enjoyment and safety of all.


    Good security isn’t an accident. The security programs you implement will impact your organization’s security, safety, and financial viability.

    When you work with experienced, committed security professionals, you can get back to doing what you do best.  Silver Star’s industry-leading security plans will ensure your operations and personnel are secure and your business is compliant.

    We specialize in cannabis application security plans, where our attention to detail and expertise has enabled our clients to win licenses over businesses who choose less professional security providers.


    Silver Star has unmatched experience providing customized security training programs that reflect the unique needs of our clients.  Security training programs range from one-day sessions, to “refresher” programs and multi-day security training seminars.

    Our team of security professionals includes leaders from law enforcement and the US military and are experts on corporate security, legal prosecution, terrorism, and mass shootings. Our training programs include:  Active Shooter and Workplace Violence,  Security Threat & Risk Analysis, Risk Management & Mitigation Planning, and Illinois Responsible Vendor Training.


    SSPG can help businesses with safety, security, compliance, construction, investment, and business application consulting.

    Our expertise in the security, compliance, and financial sectors enables us to provide  a suite of integrated consulting services that empower and protect our clients.

    We specialize in cannabis industry regulations. Our innovative compliance training and assessments enable our clients to protect themselves and thrive in the cannabis industry’s complex regulatory marketplaces.


    SSPG is a licensed fingerprint vendor in Illinois and provides clients with background checks for employment and licensing.

    Having the right information before you hire a potential new employee has never been more important.  Your next employee could take your company to new heights or put your company in jeopardy. Silver Star offers timely, accurate and cost-effective background screening, employment checks and drug testing to help employers make informed hiring decisions.


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